Price List – Tax Season 2023

Prices effective January 1, 2024

Discounts: We do not offer discounts. Our pricing is standardized and competitive. For more information, CLICK HERE

Rush Fee: A 20% rush fee will be applied to all returns if all information required to complete the return is not submitted to us within 15 days of any tax filing deadline. For more information, CLICK HERE

Form 1040 & StateIndividual Federal & One State Tax Return180
Form 1040 w/o StateIndividual Federal & No State Tax Return150
Additional State ReturnAdditional State Return (Per State)75
City/Local FilingsIndividual Local Tax Return (Per Return)75
Form 1040 Extension - DetailedDetailed Processing To Approximate Tax Liability Based On Available Information125
Form Extension - SimpleAll Zeroes Reported to Avoid Late Filing Penalty75
Rush Fee
Within 15 Days of Any Filing Deadline20%
Amended Federal Return
1040 Federal Amended Return (Per Year)225
Amended State ReturnAmended State Return (Per Year)125
Additional W-2Additional W-2 (If More Than 1 Per Return)25
Form 10991099 (Per Form)35
Form 1099B1099B (Per Entry on Form 1099B)35
StimulusStimulus Payment Reporting25
Child Tax CreditChild Tax Credit Reporting (Per Child)25
Form 2441Child & Dependent Care Expenses (Per Provider)25
EducationEducation Credits (Per Child and/or Institution)25
Form 1098-EStudent Loan Reporting (Per Form)35
Form 8959Additional Medicare Tax75
AlimonyAlimony Reporting40
Schedule AItemized Deductions75
Form 8283Schedule A Non-Cash Donations > $50030
Schedule CSole Proprietorship (Per Business)125
Form 8829Business Use of Home (Per Business)35
Home Sale - GainSale of Primary Residence With Capital Gain50
Home Sale - No GainSale of Primary Residence if No Capital Gain25
Schedule E - RentalRental Property (Per Property/Unit)100
Schedule E - RoyaltiesRoyalty Reporting (Per Royalty)35
Rental Property Sale - In StateSale of Rental Property - In Same State as Primary Residence125
Rental Property Sale - Out of StateSale of Rental Property - In Different State as Primary Residence200
Form 8936 EV Credit - FEDFederal Qualified EV Credit75
EV Credit - STATEState Qualified EV Credit50
MovingMoving Expense Deduction For State35
Form 8606IRA Contributions35
Form 8606IRA Backdoor Conversions35
K-1 FilingK-1 Filing100
RSU - SimpleRSU/ESPP/ESOP (Per Source Document, Even if Listed on W2)75
RSU - ComplexRSU/ESPP/ESOP (Per Source Document, Even if Listed on W2) - Complex125
CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency Reporting (Per Report)45
Cryptocurrency - ComplexCryptocurrency Reporting (Complex Transactions)75
Form 8316Request Refund of FICA Tax125
First Year ChoiceFirst Year Choice Election (Per Taxpayer)100
Foreign IncomeForeign Income - Foreign Bank Only (Per Account)25
Foreign IncomeForeign Income - Interest & TDS (Per Account)40
FBARForeign Bank Account Reporting (up to 2 Bank Accounts)75
Form 8938 - FATCAForeign Financial Assets > $50K125
Form 3520Reporting of Foreign Gifts150
Foreign - MI/PTForeign Mortgage Interest/Property Tax (Per Property)125
Form 8621Reporting of Foreign Mutual Funds PFIC (Per Account)50
Foreign Rental IncomeForeign Rental Income/Expense (Per Property)150
Form 1042-SForeign Source Income Subject to Withholding (Per Form)40
Form 8843Statement For Exempt Individuals40
Form 1116Foreign Tax Credit35
Business Returns1065, 1120C, 1120S - Based on Complexity of Return -- Starting at750
Hourly RateIRS/State Letter Responses, General Inquiries & Assistance125
Paper File Fee (Rather Than PDF/eFile)75
Processing Fee For Disorganized Supporting Documentation -- Starting at75
"What If" & "Best Filing Status" Analysis125