Why us?

Valid question, considering there are so many firms out there providing the similar service. Let us tell you why:


LOW COST FOR YOU  “Everyone says it, but we execute it”

a. For Businesses/CPA firms : Due to not investing in Brick & Mortar, our costs are unbelievably low!! You will get the finest service and exceptional knowledge at a price you wouldn’t believe you’re paying.

b. For Individuals : We provide the most personalized service for the best price in the industry. Our highly automated process reduces the tax preparation time and cost by a major chunk and every bit is passed on to our individual clients.


PAPERLESS “You sit anywhere in the world and we’ll service you”

From exchange of documents in the secure client portal to e-signatures on PDF, we’re providing you service right at your footsteps. We are the fastest growing online tax preparer platform and our goal is to give you the best online tax preparation platform along with expertize of a licensed professional. Thus, our clients are always happy and so is the environment!!!


BEST CLIENT SERVICE “We will personalize your experience and pamper you”

You take out some worthy time from your schedule to communicate with your tax preparer/accountant and the last thing you need is to wait for their email or receive lack of knowledge. We will undoubtedly provide you the fastest service and set up separate time for you to answer any questions. We have years of experience to cater to your diverse financial needs and would go to any extent to ensure your amazing service experience.


Meet the executives :


Aman is a next-gen entrepreneur looking to change the way accounting and tax services are provided to individuals and businesses in United States. Having more than 8 years of experience in this industry, at a multi-national level, he is passionate about saving money for his clients and is continuously investing in technology to provide the best service experience for them. He has worked with top celebrities in Los Angeles on their business management and assisted them with financial growth with right investment and tax strategies. He believes that the best client service does not happen in the time consuming and hassle filled tax/CPA office, but rather at the fingertips of clients with comfort of being served right in their home or work place. Thus, he founded ARK PENNY LLC in 2015 which has grown exponentially in the last 3 years and is serving clients in every financial aspect.

He is a Chartered Accountant from India and a Licensed Tax Preparer in U.S (all 50 states). Being equipped with multi-country accounting and tax laws, Aman serves clients all over the world and they appreciate the results they receive year by year.

Apart from entrepreneurial adventure, Aman loves to hike, beach swim, sky dive, cliff jump and can give a tough fight in ping pong. Check out his Linkedin profile to learn more about his extensive background:




Rakesh has been in the Finance industry for over 25 years and helped hundreds of small businesses to grow with his financial and industry knowledge. He is the primary business advisor and most experienced tax consultant in the firm.

He is an IIT Delhi Alumni as well as MBA(Finance) graduate from Aston Business School (United Kingdom). He is also the founder of a few start ups in India and is currently a core member of ARK PENNY LLC.